About Fairly Odd Mother

About Me

Creating and Crafting

I have always been learning and designing my entire life. I have started with simple drawing and painting, but then moved on to sowing and other craft like hobbies.


I have made many items with fabric. From common decorations like blankets and pillows to one of a kind Halloween costumes. I then jumped into leather work to make purses and chaps for rodeo champions.

DSC00524 (1)


I started in porslen molds and making dolls. I enjoyed making with porslen because it tied in so many other things I enjoyed doing. I was now making cool creatures and mugs that I painted to stand out. Was sewing outfits for some of my latest creatures to stand out, because these were made from a molded  I was challenged to make mine stand out with painting and outfits that I put together. I enjoyed making these so much I have a heavy duty kelme and a garage filled with molds. Then while traveling to an out of state doll show I brought my youngest son with me to a show where I found a new craft that would I enjoy to this day.

Sculpting with clay was a whole new way to make creatues that I created, for once I am truly making one of a kind creatures from fairies and dragons, to well what ever I wanted to make.